APL x Maptote

This APL-exclusive tote was born from a collaboration between APL Shop and the amazing creative team at Maptote.


APL x Maptote Collaboration

Maptote is a small company based in Brooklyn, NY and is known for their stylish wares displaying maps of locales near and far. APL Shop is known for being your favorite library-supporting store in Austin, TX. 

You could say it’s a match made in heaven.

APL x Maptote Custom Design
Displaying all 22 Austin Public Library branches, along with locations on the reverse, this tote includes Austin-y icons such as Live Oak trees and kayakers along the Colorado River.
Austin’s major highways and historic neighborhoods give context to where each unique branch is located.
APL x Maptote Tote Bag 100% Cotton
Great for locals and visitors alike, let this tote inspire you to visit the various branches that APL has to offer.
It’s only available here and at our physical Central Library store, so grab yours today. Adventure awaits!

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